WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF @ohyouresotough

Chelsey Gomez, an artist widely recognized as “Ohyouresotough,” is a two-time survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She is the owner of a unique cancer-themed brand bearing the same name, “Ohyouresotough,” which places a significant emphasis on the role of humor in coping with cancer and chronic illness. Chelsey has successfully built a substantial following on Instagram, primarily comprising cancer patients, caregivers, nonprofit organizations, and other individuals.

Her artistic endeavors serve as a means of advocacy, specifically for the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer community and the broader cancer community. Chelsey co-founded and currently leads a virtual art club tailored to AYA patients in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Gilda’s Club. Additionally, she has self-published a range of children’s books and adult coloring books, each addressing different aspects of the cancer experience. Notably, several of her children’s books are available free of charge through the nonprofit Bright Spot Network, and she holds a position on their Parent Advisory Board.

Chelsey’s written work also plays a crucial role in her advocacy efforts. She contributes to Cure Today as a blogger, crafting articles that provide a realistic and candid perspective on cancer. In 2023, Chelsey took on the role of a columnist for Elephants and Tea, and she will be continuing her column into 2024, contributing to the magazine dedicated to AYA patients. Chelsey’s passion extends to the redesign of patient materials, with a focus on making them more accessible and understandable. She has shared her expertise and artistic skills in several research studies and aspires to contribute even more in the future.