Cancer sucks, but together WE GOT THIS.

“To me, going through chemo and still living your everyday life to the fullest makes you more than a cancer patient, it makes you a Cancer Thriver”  –Elissa Kalver

WE GOT THIS has curated products and services to match the healing needs of Cancer Thrivers to their Loved Ones and Supporters who are looking for a way to help! 


First time going through chemo?

Did you know it’s wise to stock up on ice packs to prevent neuropathy? Or to wear comfy socks for that lousy cuticle irritation that shows up by your second round? We didn’t either, So we figured we’d spread the word. This is a place to find practical products, services and advice to help with your treatment and recovery — and for your loved ones, a one-stop shop that answers our all-time most asked question, “How can we help?” 


Why? Because they provide you deep discounts created just for WE GOT THIS!

We choose them because they offer products that specifically help in the comfort and healing of cancer patients – needs you may not have been aware of – and that we have vetted through real patients.

They choose us because they know their products are directly helping people in need, and that’s why they are offering a huge discount they don’t offer anywhere else.

We are adding amazing new partners all the time!

The woman behind the mission.

Hey! I’m Elissa. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer July of 2021, at the age of 34, and just a few days before my daughter’s first birthday. I started WE GOT THIS to create a resource that will help cancer thrivers feel empowered, strong, and beautiful throughout their treatment and entire life. 

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