Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Registry Account.

Clicking Dashboard from the left-hand menu will allow you to create new or manage current registries that you have or will set up.

Don’t forget to add your shipping address so your supporters know where to send their registry purchases. Click Your Addresses in the left-hand menu to add and edit your addresses.

Once you create a registry, you can add products that allow you to live your best life from almost any online shop through the WGT Product Selector tool or by simply using a URL.

If you’re using a computer: Click here to add the WGT Product Selector tool. You will need to click and drag the yellow WGT Product Selector button into your bookmarks or favorites bar.

Then you can go to any website and add any item to your registry. We support Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

If you’re using a mobile device, please use the Add Product From Link button.  

After adding a product, refresh your registry and the products or services will immediately appear.

Once you’ve added items to your registry don’t forget to make it Public by clicking the toggle next to Your Registry is Private.

It will change to Your Registry is Public and turn Blue.

Once your registry is Public it is time to promote it to your loved ones and supporters. In the left-hand menu you can copy the Registry URL and text or email it direct to your supporters. Under Share on Socials, you can share directly to Facebook or Twitter directly. Including a personalized note is always a good idea to connect with your supporters and allow them to understand the needs you have as a Cancer Thriver.